PhoneGap Mobile Application Development Services
Phonegap developers in Hyderabad, India develop apps that run on Adobe's PhoneGap platform. Which in turn, the apps thus created on PhoneGap runs on various mobile devices. This PhoneGap supports various mobile application platforms like iOS, Android, WebOS, BlackBerry 5.x+, Windows 8, Windows Phone 7 & 8, Symbian and Tizen.

PhoneGap has a set of plugins that support device capabilities like camera, contacts, file system, media playback and recording, accelerometer, network availability etc. You can extend plugins in PhoneGap to access more device features like Bluetooth, Facebook connect, push notifications, text to speech, calendars, and including barcode scanning etc. Installation of PhoneGap tools has been made easy with the advent of version3. It is because of its new command-line interface, or simply called CLI. These are architected on Node.js; which is why you have to install these before installing PhoneGap.

Our PhoneGap developers at Siri Web Solutions write the user application interface with HTML, CSS and JavaScript files into platform-specific deployment packages. PhoneGap's strength lies in things like accessing geo-location, the file system, network availability etc. Our PhoneGap Mobile Application Developers are well aware of the fact that applications architected for mobile browsers has limitations to each mobile platform like screen size, processing speed, network speed, touch issues etc. Our PhoneGap Mobile Applications Developers have extensive knowledge and experience in making PhoneGap mobile apps compliant to your business interests online.